Hood River Pedicab

(541) 714-3130

Get ready for a unique alternative to the taxi or an Uber/Lyft (not available in our area). I’ll sweep you up on my quiet but powerful electric-assist trike for an open-air cruise through town to your destination. You’ll be giggling while bumping your tunes of choice…feeling like royalty.

Take a ride on the green side!




Friday nights from at least 8 pm—2 am

Saturday from 10 am — 6 pm and nights from 8 pm—2 am

Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights from 8 pm—midnight

Sunday, and Monday thru Friday days by reservation or by chance

Check scheduling calendar to see my up-to-date availability.


Hail me as I’m circulating or stationed, mostly downtown and on the waterfront. Click for realtime location when I’m out and about.

Call or text (preferred) for ASAP dispatch to your location.

Request an appointment for a ride or delivery on-line, by text, or over the phone.

I can carry 2-3 adults at a time, with a maximum 550 lb. payload. Children under the age of 16 are required to wear helmets, which I have aboard.

Within the commercial area of downtown and the waterfront I kindly accept sliding scale tips, and there is no dispatch fee.  Leaving this zone, the fare is $1/minute (generally ranging from $10-20 to the Heights and West Side).

Pickups outside of the zone have a minimum $5 dispatch fee, plus $1/minute for the ride.

Chauffeur, tour, special event, and companion services are available at $50/hour.

For payment I accept cash, local checks, credit cards, Apple Pay, Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and barter.


Hiring Drivers

Looking for a fun way to keep fit, interact with our amazing community, do ecological good, and earn money?

Faster than walking, more fun than driving, you get where you are going and you don’t pay for parking. It’s like a cross between a taxi and a ride at Disneyland.
— Ben Lewit, Hood Tech Corp